> Two original Application Letters; (printed on company¡¯s letterhead, signed by the chairman of the board or the general manager of the enterprise), one of which address to Shanghai Municipal Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission, the other address to Shanghai Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce. The application letter must be signed by the chairman of the board of directors, president or the general manager of the company. The contents of the application letters should include such details as the name of the representative office, the name of the designated chief representative, the scope of business, duration and location of the office.
> Application Form for Establishment (extension) of Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises.
> In case the chairman of the board acts as the chief representative or representative, the authorization letter should be signed by more than two directors.
> Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Business Registration Certificate if applicable.
> Original Bank Credit Letter
> Copy of Leasing Agreement (minimum lease of one year) & Certification of Leasing together with

a) An original letter issued by the management company of the office buildings confirming the identity of the occupant.

b) A copy of Property Rights Certificate and Real Estate Lease Certificate except if the lease is inside a hotel.
> Original Resume and ID card/passport copy of the Chief Representative
> Eight color-photos (2 inches) of the Chief Representative
> A brief description of the enterprise¡¯s business, including business in China and overseas.
> Other necessary documents as may be required by approval authorities.

The foreign enterprise which applies for establishment of the Representative Office must be established more than one year.

Name of the office must be translated by its real meaning or pronunciation.

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